Naturally Crafty

Leave it to a thirsty Canadian pharmaceutical scientist and health advocate to disrupt an industry, creating a hard-juice vodka beverage for you to enjoy, not slam. Better for you, too – you’ll feel it next day, with low sugar, no artificial flavours or preservatives, key antioxidants and premium vodka impeccably distilled in Piedmont, Italy.


We might have chosen a kitty or a lapdog, but we’re not your Gram’s vodka cooler. Many candidates were considered as precisely the perfect symbol of a big, bold taste embodying the power, the spirit and the majestic mystery of Canada. But only one was truly big, bold and free enough, thus Crafty Elk ready-to-drink vodka hard-juice was born to enjoy – naturally.

Crafty Elk | Organic Hard Juice
Crafty Elk | Organic Hard Juice

Looking to Buy?

Do we have your interest already? Want to be drinking some delicious hard juice by the pool or at the cottage with some friends? It is available now online at the LCBO! The summer won’t last forever so enjoy it while you can with Crafty Elk.

Who We Are.

Crafty Elk Distilling Co., is a company based in Calgary Alberta Canada. Founded by Greg Gilliland, a pharmaceutical scientist and a health advocate of complementary and alternative medicine.

Crafty Elk | Organic Hard Juice
Crafty Elk | Organic Hard Juice

What is Crafty Elk?

Crafty Elk is a ready to drink Craft alcohol that provides the customer with smart alternatives, while still enjoying alcohol. We aim to strike the perfect balance between fresh aroma and taste profile, capturing the essence of nature’s miracles.

Quench Your Thirst and Enjoy Tomorrow.