Crafty Elk | Organic Hard Juice

What is Crafty Elk…

We see that a lot of beverages including coolers are filled with sugars, preservatives, artificial flavours and synthetic colours. Crafty Elk is a unique product offering a clean ready to drink vodka beverage that is certified organic, with no preservatives and no artificial flavours.


Crafty Elk is made with an organic premium vodka, sourced from Piedmont Italy, where the manufacturing practice is highest. Crafty Elk has the highest quality control and manufacturing protocols, to make sure you are delivered a “true flagship beverage”.

Who We Are

Crafty Elk Distilling Co. is a company based in Calgary Alberta Canada. It was founded by Greg Gilliland, a pharmaceutical scientist and a health advocate of complementary and alternative medicine.


He has developed a team of health loving enthusiasts and believes that consumers are looking for smart alternatives in food, beverages and even alcohol. Their plan is to build upon past successes and create the new wave of Craft excellence with their Hard-Juice beverages.

Crafty Elk | Organic Hard Juice

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